As spring arrives, getting outside to enjoy the timid rays of the sun is becoming more and more irresistible. The signs of spring at the door are a wake-up call to rouse us from winter torpor and look for things to do outside.

Here in the cellar, we have planned a walking itinerary to explore the outdoor spaces of the estate. The circuit passes through the educational tartufaia, dips into the green of the forest with its hives and busy bees, continues through the orchard and ends in our much-loved vineyards!


This initiative began with the objective of promoting biodiversity, which we try our best to protect and cultivate given its importance for the vineyards and the wildlife living in them. This is the reason it’s so important to remind people to safeguard and respect it.


The Adopt a row project does just this–it provides an experience in the life of a winemaker throughout an entire year; it shows adopters the vineyards through the changing seasons and the work that corresponds to each of these.

Living and working in the countryside means respecting its rhythms and more than anything, its spaces. Another reason for these two initiatives is the opportunity they give to experience the feeling of being immersed in nature.

It’s for all those of you who want a green experience! It’s for anyone who doesn’t have this natural experience day-to-day or for those who do but would like to enjoy a green experience!

Nature offers calm and relaxation. It offers a chance to disconnect from the day-to-day routine and reap the benefits of this tranquil environment.



The Gnome Itinerary is for groups of friends, couples or families who want to discover the different aspects of a winemaking estate in the fantastic context of the Langhe. It takes about an hour to walk around it and it finishes up with a cellar visit and a wine tasting.

A map is available to show you the way around the itinerary.

Servan, our gnome, awaits you at the six waypoints of the circuit and will recount stories, news and curiosities about the place you are visiting. In addition there are nature-themed puzzles, riddles and crosswords to solve along the way!


It’s a fun way to learn, to be in touch with nature and spend a day making both adults and children happy!