We Italians like to share wine, but not only in the strictly narrow meaning of share. In a broader sense, we see wine as a bit of a microcosm and we want every sip to be full of life.

In the constantly evolving world of wine, we note the sharp increase in the use of social media and the role it plays in communicating this view. Of the social networks, Instagram is the most visual, the best for sharing and manipulating images with the rest of the world. With Instagram, wine goes with us wherever we go.

At present, 16 million Italians, most between the ages of 18 and 29, use the app every month. And of adults online, 60% have an Instagram account and could be targeted through strategic marketing.

Instagram pictures can be geolocalised and tagged. Video and gif can be uploaded to the platform as can advertising, stories and direct commentary. Hashtags have an essential role in increasing the number of views per photo.

What are the hashtags most used on Instagram?

#wine #redwine #winetasting #winelover #winenot #foodandwine #winetime #winery #winelovers #instawine #wineporn #winewednesday #sommelier #bestwine

Along with hashtagging, other trends have changed how consumers perceive wine and influenced their consumption of it.  These trends have in fact, revolutionised how wine is drunk.

il vino su instagram

Instagram has revolutionised our perception of wine and influenced our consumption choices.

Instagram keeps us connected so that we can share experiences with people all over the world, all in less than a second!

Over the years it has become a forum for sharing our common passion and its essentials: the individual wine, the poetry of its terroir and of course, the winemaker.

The importance of storytelling in the world of wine

In her Instagram profile, Josetta Saffirio recounts what being a Langhe winemaker is all about, and through photographs, shows us around the vineyards, cellars and memorable tastings.

Instagram takes us behind the scenes to get a glimpse of a vintner’s life, of wine drinkers and wine lovers.


Wine is social, and a single picture of it says more than a thousand words.